What's your money personality?

Take the money personality test to reveal your relationship with money. Awareness is the first step towards financial well-being.

There are 6 money personalities, which one are you?

The Rollercoaster

Financial rollercoasters – as the name suggests – bear both positive and negative personality traits in relation to their financial behavior but you would never fly completely of the track.

The Celebrator

Simply put: You just know how to enjoy the finer things in life. You admittedly have a hard time managing your finances and don't keep good track of your expenses. To do: gain financial control.

The Orderly

You are conscious and structured when it comes to your finance. This allows you not to see money as a source of stress but rather as something that is used to celebrate life.

The Uncontrolled

You are your life's captain. Now don't let that ship aimlessly drift to Fiji. Take that wheel and focus on that goal on the horizon! Regain control of your finances!

The Planner

When it comes to your finances, you don't want to leave anything to chance and always have an ace up your sleeve when something unforeseeable happens.

The Economiser

You are a budgetting queen and tend to manage your money carefully and mindfully. Be carefull not to worry too much. You can’t do more then your best.

About the Money Personality Test

Your money personality is a cocktail of your financial attitude and behavior. Along with external factors, money personalities influences the way we make financial decisions and how we go about spending, saving and investing. There is no real one-size-fits-all approach for making better financial decisions which is why managing your money involves an understanding of the psychology behind our choices.

Just like any behavioral change, improving financial behaviour begins with having self-awareness. Knowing what drives your financial decisions can help you change your behaviour and reach money goals, whether that’s spending less on impulse purchases or saving more for retirement. Take our money personality test as a first step to improve your financial behavior and achieve a state of financial wellness.

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