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Investing should be simple, effortless and transparent. We make it easy and fun to get started and guide you along the journey.
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Invest in your values & beliefs

Overwhelmed by the many possibilities and don’t know where to start? We are here to change that.

Our expert-curated themes cover a wide range of topics that are close to your heart. From green energy to clean water, female-led companies and many more, simply choose where you want to make an impact and let your money work.

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Your money can make a difference

heyfina lets you invest in industries and companies having a positive impact on our future.

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Growing a greener world. Invest in companies tackling today’s biggest challenge with renewable energy, clean water and sustainable food.

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Equality to the people. Invest in companies driving the future of education and healthcare or focusing on equality and diversity.

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Innovation makes the world go round. Invest in companines changing the status quo and making the world of tomorrow a better place.

Buy shares of companies you believe in

Do you see autonomous cars or plant-based meat revolutionising our future?

With heyfina you can invest in companies whose missions you believe in or explore and discover new ones that match your interests.

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Start with as little as €1

Investing is only for the rich and wealthy? Not with us where you can start with as little as €1.

Every euro that comes through your hands represents possibilities. Of course, you spend money on needs, and you spend money on wants. But every euro you can save and put to work will grow to more if given enough time. This enables you to build wealth on any income.

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Your money & data are safe

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Bank-level security

We use bank level 256-bit TLS encryption to protect your personal information. We never share your information with third parties without your consent.

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Deposit guarantee

Your money is protected by the conditions of the German DGS up to €100,000. Your shares are stored safely at a leading financial service institution.

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Regulated partners

All of our partners are leading financial services institutions regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin.

Start saving today.

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