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We are here to make the crypto world accessible, inclusive and available to everybody. fina is the easiest app to get started. With quick educational videos and community content, we get beginners up to speed on the cryptoverse so they can start investing and using DeFi. All in one app!

The crypto world redefined!

The crypto space is underregulated, volatile and prone to scams. On a technical level it is still too difficult for beginners to just get started. Different wallets, constant changes, communities that are difficult to get into.

This generation saw not only one financial crisis in their lives and currently goes through one of the most severe inflations Europe has seen. Things that were accessible to our parent generation are out of reach for us. We are here to change that!

Our current financial system seems irreplaceable. But giving it an honest look, you will see that it is not only extremely antiquated but also holds a lot of space for unfair wealth distribution. Wealth is built by having assets work for you!

Crypto is a new asset class where YOU can take ownership early on. People need to be educated about this and given access to these opportunities. Otherwise, we end up reproducing a system where a small group of people has all the power as we have seen with the current ecosystem surrounding big tech. Let’s not recreate the same mistakes and use this new financial system to build a more just, accessible and sustainable possibility to redistribute access to wealth for everybody.

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